1. Login as Admin user 'AC-admin-347' and assigned password.

2. Click the BSK PDF Manager then select PDF Documents.

3. On the BSK PDF Documents screen, click Add New to add a PDF document.

4. On the Add New BSK PDF Document, select the category if you have setup this up already prior to adding documents. Enter the title of the document and browse through your local machine or external drive for the document you want to upload. 

5. The document upload time will vary depending on the size of the file and your internet speed connection but as soon as the upload process is completed, below sample page will automatically display with the message 'Your file uploaded successfully.'

6. To add a pdf link to any of the pages you want to have this document accessible, right-click on the filename and select copy link address. Go to the page you want to add this link and highlight the text. Click on Add/Insert Link icon to add the copied link.

And you're done :)