1. To access the File Library, go to The Office on the WebTemplate by clicking the drop-down on the topmost right hand corner of the page.

2. Click on Content Manager then File Library.

3. Upload a file to the File Library by clicking the Upload button.

4. Click on the uploaded file in the File Library to view its details.

5. Next to LinkĀ is a link to the file. Copy everything from and including the _files/... as highlighted below.

6. Navigate to the page where you wish to add the link.

7. Edit the Content Block and highlight the work you wish to link.

8. Click the Link icon and on the Link window, select External Site from the Link Type drop-down.

9. Choose Other as the protocol and paste the copied link into the URL field.

10. Ensure to click Open Link in the New Window when linking to a file.

11. Click OK and Submit.