The WordPress Toolbar is a way of easily accessing some of the most common WordPress features. When you are logged into your WordPress dashboard and you visit your website, you will see the Toolbar running across the top of your site. This bar only appears if you are currently logged into your WordPress site, which means that it won’t be visible to your everyday site visitors. If you are not logged in, the Toolbar won’t be displayed.

The Toolbar allows you to quickly access the following commonly used features. 

  • Visit the website, Codex or Support forums
  • Display your site Dashboard and other commonly used menu options that allow you to update your site Themes, Widgets, Menus and depending on your theme, Background and Header
  • View or Edit your blog comments
  • Add a new Post, Media, Page or User
  • Edit the current Page or Post
  • Perform a site Search
  • View or Edit your Profile and log out from the WordPress Dashboard