When hovering your cursor over each row in the list of Categories, a few links will appear beneath the Category name.

  • Edit – Allows you to edit the Category properties such as Name, Slug, Parent and Description
  • Quick Edit – Allows you to quickly edit the Category Name and Slug
  • Delete – Deletes the Category permanently from the list of Categories. After clicking Delete you will be prompted to confirm your choice. Click OK to delete the Category or Cancel if you don’t want to delete it
  • View – This will list all the Posts that are currently using this Category

If you would like to permanently delete numerous Categories at once, click the check boxes next to the Categories you would like to delete and then choose Delete from the Bulk Actions drop down list at the top of the page. After selecting Delete, click the Apply button to immediately delete the selected Categories (you will not be prompted to confirm your choice).

Deleting a Category does not delete the posts in that Category. Instead, posts that were only assigned to the deleted Category are set to the default Category, which is set to Uncategorized by default. The Default Post Category can be configured within the Settings > Writing section.