1. Click 'The Office' from the drop-down menu.

2. Go to Content Manager> Site Builder and click on Sitemap. On the right-hand window, you'll find a "Add A Page" button.

3. It opens to a "Add A Page" window. 

Active: No (highly recommended if you're still populating contents)

Menu Text: type in the name of the page to be displayed

URI: generated automatically

Create From: You can either choose Template and select a page template from the drop-down or you can select Copy An Existing Page to copy any existing webpages on your site.

Show Table of Contents (optional)

Banner (optional)

4. Click Submit to add the new page.

5. To add a new subpage, follow the same steps as above. Instead of clicking Sitemap, you click on the page where you want to add a subpage.