Inserting an HTML link in your Page/Post to one of your own pages or another site is extremely easy. Simply click and drag the cursor and highlight the text that you want turned into a link and then click the Insert/edit link button (). As well as being able to insert a link to another site, you can also easily insert a link to one of your existing Posts or Pages by simply selecting it from a list.

In the popup window that is displayed, simply fill in URL and the Title and then click the Add Link button.

  • URL – URL of the page or website that you would like to create a link to
  • Title – The text to display in tool tip form when the cursor hovers over the link
  • Open link in a new window/tab – When someone clicks the link you can have it open in the same window (default setting) or have it open in a new browser window/tab

Alternatively, if you’d like to add a link to one of your existing Posts or Pages, simply click the or link to existing content link to display a list of your existing content then select the relevant page from the supplied list. If you have a large number of pages within your site, you can type the Page or Post name in the Search field to make it easier to find. As you type, the list will re-populate based on matching results. After selecting one of your existing pages, the relevant details will be updated in the URL and Title fields. Click the Add Link button to add your link.