Images that are displayed on the various pages of your site are generated from the files you upload to your FileLibrary, in The Office. The same image might appear small on one page and large on another. When you place an image on a page, WebTemplate looks at the master File Library image. It copies and re-samples it to the size needed on the page you are editing; leaving the original behind to be used again on other pages, probably at a different size. You don't have to keep uploading the same image!

There are several aspects of image preparation that are critical to the way your site displays pictures:

  • The Pixel Dimensions of the master image to be uploaded to your site’s file library: pixel dimensions should be a maximum of 1500 pixels wide or high. 
  • The File-type: JPEG, GIF, PNG are acceptable file-types. 
  • Colour Space: MUST be RGB, and NOT CMYK (the colour space used for printing ink-on-paper, on a printing press. 
  • Image Proportions: Generally, your images will appear in a defined area on your web-page. If your image is a typical photograph, it will appear on the web page looking just like the original, only smaller. If your image is of a product, you may need to consider cropping it leaving a comfortable white-space around the image; so that it looks right on the page. The important thing is that images look consistent on  the page. 

Help is at hand:

You may not know what “colour-space” your image files are in, and you may not have either the skill or the tools to re-size images or crop them, so here's what you can do - e-mail the image(s) to your distributor (there may be a fee of course) download a tool from the web like go to and do it on-line.