1. Click on the Special menu and select Settings.

2. There are several important items in the Getting Started section.

  • Put your full email address in the field labeled Username.
  • The Mail Server should be mail.mydomain.com.au (Replace mydomain.com.au with your own domain name)
  • Real Name can be anything you like, and can contain numbers, spaces, uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • The SMTP Server is provided by your ISP
  • Email Address should be your full email address eg joe@mydomain.com.au.

3. Next, Checking Mail has a few key points, and some other optional items. Make sure that the Mail Protocol is set to POP and Authentication is set to Passwords. If you do not want to type in your password each time you check your email, check theSave Password box. If you would like Eudora to automatically check for mail while the program is open, check the box labeled Check for mail every XX minutes and replace the XX with a number. 10 minutes is an acceptable amount of time between checks. Under Mail Management, if you would like to be able to receive the mail in an email client on another computer, you may want to check Leave on server for XX days. 7 days is generally an acceptable amount of time. All other fields are optional.

4. Lastly, you'll want to fill out the Sending Mail information. If you would like to have your mail account authenticated on your ISP's SMTP server when you send mail, check the box labeled Allow Authorization. All of the other fields are optional.

5. That's it! Eudora has many more options and settings, which are beyond the scope of this document. The best material for these settings can be found in Eudora's documentation.