This tutorial will guide you in setting up Evolution 2.1.x (the version included in Ubuntu 7.04 - known as "Feisty Fawn") for the first time. Though the screenshots are from Ubuntu, the steps are virtually identical if you're using another version of Linux.

1. When Evolution launches for the first time, the Setup Assistant will start. Click Forward to continue.

2. On the Identity tab, enter the required information in each of the appropriate fields. The Organization field is not mandatory. Click Forward when you’re ready to continue.

3. This example will assume that you have a POP mail server. Enter the "incoming" mail server name in the Server: section, and your user name in the Username: section.

  • Your incoming server is, where is the name of your domain.

  • Set the username to your full email address.

If you don't want to enter your password each time you check your mail, place a check in the box labeled Remember password. When you're done, click Forward.

4. Place a check in the Automatically check for mail every __ minutes box (if you want) and review the other options. Click Forward.

5. On the Sending Email page, select the Server Type: that your ISP uses (if you don't know, check with your ISP). Enter the appropriate Server: and settings. Most, but not all, outgoing mail servers now require authentication. When you've entered all of the information specific to your ISP, click Forward.

6. And now give this email account a Name: so that you can easily identify it (in case you create additional email profiles in Evolution). Click Forward.

7. Choose your Time Zone and again, click Forward.

8. That's it, you're done! Click Apply.