1. When you launch Eudora for the first time, you will be stepped through the New Account Wizard which will allow you to set up Eudora as your default email client. At the first screen, simply click Next.

2. Leave the default choice, Create a brand new email account. Selected and click Next. Enter your personality name as Aust Domains and click Next.

3. Type in your name in the Your Name field and click Next.

4. Type your email address in the form 'myname@mydomain.com.au'

5. Type your email address as your login name 'myname@mydomain.com.au'

6. Type the Incoming Server as mail.yourdomain.com.au (Replace yourdomain.com.au with your own domain name).

7. Type the Outgoing Server as the appropriate server name. Outgoing mail server (SMTP): provided by your Internet Service Provider

8. You have now successfully set up Eudora for getting email. Click Finished. The wizard will go away and you will be prompted for your email password to check your mail.