1. When you initially create a new profile or start Netscape Mail for the first time the following box comes up. Select Cancel and follow the prompts confirming your choice.

2. A wizard is now displayed to help you setup your email account. Select Email account from the list of options and click Next.

3. Next under the Your Name field type your full name (or whatever name you want displayed to users when you send them email.) Next type in your email address under the Email Address field. Click Next.

4. Next, select the POP option under Select the type of incoming server you are using. Type the incoming server and click Next to continue.
  • My incoming mail server is a: POP3 server
  • Incoming mail server (POP3): mail.yourdomain.com.au (Replace yourdomain.com.au with your own domain name)

5. Double check your username. Type your full email address as your username.

6. Verify that all of the information is correct, then click Finish.
  • Username: myname@mydomain.com.au
  • Email address: myname@mydomain.com.au
  • Incoming Server Name: mail.mydomain.com.au
  • Incoming Server Type: POP3
  • Outgoing Server Name (SMTP): Same as Your Isp mail.myispname.com.au

7. On the Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings page, select 'Outgoing Server (SMTP) and type the SMTP server provided by your Internet Service Provider as your SMTP server name. Click OK.