Trouble Viewing the Report

  • Condensed view: The minimum recommended horizontal resolution is 1280 pixels. If you still can't see enough of your site, maximize the site view (click the full-screen icon in the top left of your site page). 
  • Site in new window: If your site appears in a new window, it's likely that your site is using a mechanism to prevent a third-party site from putting your content in an iframe. In this case, certain features of In-Page Analytics (including the ability to apply filters, set Segments, or change the date range) may be unavailable. You may want to consider disabling the mechanism in order for In-Page Analytics to operate to its full potential. 

Data Unavailable

You may not see data in a bubble where you expect it if you are viewing an advanced segment that doesn't have data for a link.

The site is loaded, but no data overlay appears

When you open In-Page Analytics, the initial page is derived from the Website's URL field, and optionally, the Default page field, as specified in the web property and view settings. Check your settings to make sure those values point to a valid page in your site.

Website's URL: In your Web Property Settings, enter the exact URL for the web page on which you want the In-Page Analytics report to launch. For example, if you want the report to launch on the landing page for and you enter (omitting www), your page may not open properly in the report. You can enter the domain name (, you can identify a specific directory within that domain (, or you can enter the path to a specific page (

To enter the URL, select http or https, and enter the URL as described above.

  • You can use only UTF-8 characters when you enter the URL. You cannot use the following UTF-8 characters: & = . $ %20 ? ^ # 
  • If you enter a URL that is not formed correctly, Google Analytics prevents you from proceeding until you resolve the error. 

Default page: In your view settings, enter the name of the default page for any URL on your site that ends with a slash (for example, The page name varies depending on your web server configuration, but the common names are index.html and default.htm. If you do not know the name of this page, leave the field blank. It's important to accurately identify this page so that the click information for the report is counted correctly.

Google Analytics' In-Page Analytics loads perfectly in a Safari browser but not in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox & Opera. 

Below are the Error Messages you will encounter when loading In-Page Analytics using the browsers below:

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome




Check your browser and see if it displays the shield icon as shown below screenshot, click Load unsafe script to enable it which is a work-around fix on the loading issue of in-page analytics.